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Canada’s Minister of National Defence to visit Ukraine

Canada’s Minister of National Defence to visit Ukraine

The upcoming visit is the result of the agreement made by Ukraine’s delegation to Canada, headed by Poroshenko Minister of National Defence of Canada is to come to Ukraine soon, according to Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine Kostiantyn Eliseev,...

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Apple releases new iPhone today

The latest smartphone is expected to be a radical change for the company. The broadcast starts at 10am Pacific time. The long awaited iPhone 8 is officially launching later today on September 12. Tim Cook is expected to unveil the new iPhone at an event in...

Kyiv presents tourist ID-card

Kyiv presented the options of the tourist ID-card of the visitor of Ukrainian capital Kyiv Pass. The Director of Tourism Department of Kyiv City State Administration Anton Taranenko reported this at Facebook. The project aims to popularize the locations and tourist...

Nationalized PrivatBank posts $112 mln in loss in H1

Ukraine’s No. 1 PrivatBank, which was nationalized in December 2016, posted UAH 2.89 billion, or US$112 million, in loss in the first half of 2017 (H1) against UAH 552 million, or $21.4 million, in profit year-over-year (y-o-y), according to the bank’s...

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