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US budget 2018 provides for lethal weapons for Ukraine

US budget 2018 provides for lethal weapons for Ukraine

Draft US budget includes assistance to Ukraine for $350 million US draft federal budget for 2018 fiscal year includes assistance for Ukraine in terms of various program totaling about $350 million, including the possibility of lethal weapons’ provision for defense....

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Five circus and restaurant bears find shelter in Zhytomyr

Five bears who had spent years of their lives suffering in Ukrainian circuses and restaurants have finally got freedom, according to the online media focused on animal welfare issues and environmental protection, One Green Planet. The bears now live in the Four Paws...

China interested in Ukrainian beef

China is interested in beef shipments from Ukraine and plans to send its mission late in April to verify Ukraine’s state food safety control system, according to the press office of the State Biosecurity and Consumer Protection Service. “The possibility of...

Boxing: Klitschko wants to hold his last fight in Kyiv

As one of the options for such event the boxer considers the Kyiv sport comlex Olympiiskyi Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko is considering the place of his last fight. As one of the options the boxer considers the Kyiv sport comlex Olympiiskyi, where Ukrainian...

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